How to setup MESSUI or MAMEUI

Getting the latest version

Please note that this guide was originally written for MESSUI. To set up MAMEUI, just substitute MAMEUI wherever you see MESSUI, and substitute mame.ini/mameui.ini wherever you see mess.ini/messui.ini.
If you already have a MESS installation, simply place messui.exe into the same folder as mess.exe is in, then go to "Setting up messui.ini".
Otherwise, you must be new to MESS, so follow these steps:
Setting up MESS.INI

Setting up MESSUI.INI

Very quick guide to MESSUI options
MESSUI has a huge amount of options, here is how to set up the most important ones:
Getting Ready to Run a System
This needs to be done for any system you wish to use:
Systems that Require software
Some consoles will present a screen saying This driver requires images to be loaded in the following device(s)
Just use the newui Media menu to load some software as normal, then click on Reset in the middle of the screen.

More Information

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