MESSUI is an integrated front-end of MESS, which itself emulates computers and consoles. MAMEUI is an integrated front-end of MAME.
Each emulation instance is accompanied by an optional windows-style menubar known as NewUI.

MAME for XP is a version of MAME that can run on Windows XP, because the official MAME dropped XP support since 0.208.

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These downloads include all needed official support files.
Last Updated Description of Product Min Windows Version Compiler Version Compile options
  2019-08-29   MESS 0.213 (32-bit, cmd-line)   XP SP3   GCC 5.3.0   PTR64=0 SUBTARGET=mess OSD=newui
  2019-08-29   MESS 0.213 (64-bit, cmd-line)   Windows 7 SP1 64-bit   GCC 8.3.0   PTR64=1 SUBTARGET=mess OSD=newui
  2019-08-29   MESSUI 0.213 (32-bit, GUI)   XP SP3   GCC 5.3.0   PTR64=0 SUBTARGET=mess OSD=messui
  2019-08-29   MESSUI 0.213 (64-bit, GUI)   Windows 7 SP1 64-bit   GCC 8.3.0   PTR64=1 SUBTARGET=mess OSD=messui
  2019-08-29   MAMEUI 0.213 (32-bit, GUI)   XP SP3   GCC 5.3.0   PTR64=0 OSD=messui
  2019-08-29   MAMEUI 0.213 (64-bit, GUI)   Windows 7 SP1 64-bit   GCC 8.3.0   PTR64=1 OSD=messui
  2019-08-29   MAME 0.213 (32-bit, cmd-line, for XP)   XP SP3   GCC 5.3.0   PTR64=0

This is the last release of MAME Plus! If you want to use the UI version, you need to download both packages.
Last Updated Description of Product Compiler and Version Minimum Windows Version
  2016-04-11   MAME Plus! 0.168 (32-bit, command-line)   GCC 5.3.0   W2K SP4
  2016-04-11   MAME Plus! UI 0.168 (32-bit, GUI)   GCC 5.3.0   W2K SP4

You can compile your own binary by accessing the listed github repository, and using the tools and options listed above. This is provided as a license requirement only. Compile issues are not supported. You're on your own.

MESSUI / MESS source
MAMEUI / MAME for XP source

Support: You can get help for most issues from just about any emulation forum, or by using one of the links at the top of this page. For anything arcade-related, we recommend Haze, as he's been in the emulation scene for decades and knows everything there is to know. For your convenience, he also frequents Reddit (r/mame) and (r/emulation).

   There's one kind of support that we cannot offer, that being the supply of roms and other copyrighted materials. You need to uncover this secret on your own.

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