MESSUI is an integrated front-end of MAME, which itself emulates thousands of arcade machines, gambling machines, pinball machines, computers and consoles. Each emulation instance is accompanied by a windows-style menubar which is not normally part of MAME. This menubar is known as 'NEWUI'.

Please note: Beginning at 0.164, MESSUI will contain both arcade and computer/console systems. The command-line MESS with NEWUI will still only contain computer/console systems as before.

The current stable release is 0.179 (2016-10-26).

You can compile your own binary whenever you wish by downloading the source from Github, and then compiling with the official MAME tools, while specifying OSD=messui.

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All downloads are for Windows only. Win7 and later are supported. May work on XP. Compiled with GCC 5.3.0

 MESS and MESSUI 0.179 (64-bit, MESS only)
 MESSUI 0.179 (32-bit, with everything)
 MESSUI 0.179 (64-bit, with everything)
 MESSUI Source

Other Downloads
 Bleeding-edge release on 2016-10-26 (32-bit MESS only)(no arcade).
 MAMEUI 0.179 (32 bit)
 MAMEUI 0.179 (64 bit)

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